Credit Card and Debit

FISA-Credit Card is a modular and comprehensive solution that provides complete management of the business of credit and debit cards from the perspective of the issuer, owners and businesses.

FISA-Credit Card Technology.

It supports ISO 8583, Base24 y ON/2 messaging standards.
Remote monitoring. Secure validation software PIN, CVV, CVV2, PVV, etc.
Transactional switch. Handles large volumes.

  • Dynamic creation of new payment products and services.
  • Global processing of different type cards, for their multi-currency functionality.
  • Credit card operation and processing management.
  • High availability for 24×7 Channel Services.
  • Transactional authorization online with global processing networks.
  • Fulfillment of established standards by international networks for exchange of financial transactions between entities of the same brand worldwide.